How to play back foot shot

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

When a shot is played by back foot (which is right leg for right handed batsman and is left leg for left handed batsman) or the ball which is pitched at short length or good length then it is back foot shots. It is not easy shots like a front foot. It is very toughest shots in cricket. You have to better coordination between bat and ball and mostly important your eyes must be on every ball when you hit the ball. Also you keep your body slightly open not for every shots only for some shots body will be slightly open. It is very effective to score run on shots like this and also risky. You have to better eye coordination on every shots you play on back foot.

There are various types of shots on back foot.

1) Back Foot Defense

2) Back Foot Drive

3) Back Foot Square Cut

4) Back Foot Cut

5) Pull Shot

6) Hook Shot

This are the basic shots of back foot in cricket. Cut, pull shot, hook shot are very effective shots to score more runs.

Back Foot Defense

Back foot defense very important shot to defend the ball at hard, dry and other some tough pitches where the rise up to your chest. It is played against a fast bowler. The objective of playing back foot defense is used to block the ball than to score run. It is used to defend your wicket against fast bowler which are very strong. It is most played against a fast bowler. It is played when the pitched at good length or short length.

How to play back foot defense

Step 1: See the ball by the hand of bowler and judge where it is pitched. If it is pitched on good length or short length.

Step 2: Lean your head and shoulder towards line of the ball then go back with back leg on off stump line your back leg should be on off stump line.

Step 3: Swing the bat towards the ball by little back lift and contact the ball in the middle of your bat. Your back lift should be come from second slip.

Step 4: When you hit the ball your head must be still on the ball and bat face towards the ground.

look at the picture to understand carefully.

Back Foot Drive

Back foot drive is played to score runs on a good length ball towards your chest. Back foot drive is used to stroke the ball towards off region. It is not mostly or commonly used shot. For playing this shot you have to practice regularly on this shot.

Remaining part we will be update soon.