How to Grip your Bat and Bowl

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Learn to grip the bat

You all know cricket is played by handling a bat or hold a bat.

In cricket, hold a bat in perfect way is most important part of batting to played a perfect shot.

Now we see why we have to grip a bat perfectly

Reason for holding a bat in a perfect Way

In cricket we have hold a bat for hit a bowl

So, If you could not hold the bat correctly you will not able to play the shot perfectly.

Also you will not push the bowl where you want.

The grip determines how you swing the cricket bat and make contact with the ball. Although the orthodox grip is considered ideal, it is important for each player to find the grip that works best for him or her.

How to hold a bat

Now we see how to hold a cricket bat.

First you have to lay bat on the ground while bat face is which we hit the ball towards ground.

Make a ‘V’ shape defined by the thumb and forefinger of both hands.

Hold your hands in front of you, palms down. Your fingers on both hands should be grouped together, but for your thumbs, which extend to the sides to form the ‘V’ shape.

open end towards the ground. Maintain this ‘V’ shape as you reach for the bat.

look at the picture-

Now lift your bat as you grip the handle, keep your two ‘V’s facing towards the bat handle. Make sure your line of 'v' shaped which shown in the above picture had to

line with the spine along the backside of the bat blade.

Would you understand how to hold a bat.

Now your hand should be in middle of the bat handle.

Your top hand or dominant hand which is in upper side of bat handle should tightly

grip your top hand should be tight so you can play a vertical drive which we see in a

another page. And bottom handle which you grip where handle and a bat joint together is sightly hold or not so tight as a top hand make sure your bottom only gives a direction when you played a vertical shot.

While you play a horizontal shot your bottom hand also must be tight as a top hand because when you played horizontal or cross shot your power must be generate by

your bottom hand.

A high grip (hands towards the end of the handle) will generate more power. This is good for playing vertical shots (when the bat is swung upward at the ball on a vertical plane) that drive the ball. A low grip, or “choking” the bat (hands towards the blade of the bat) will give you more control. This is good for horizontal or cross-bat shots (when the bat is swung horizontally, as in baseball).